IO9Y story by HB9OCR

IO9Y story by HB9OCR


A story to be told

Team, Organization and Departures

On the begin of the year 2014, I received a call from Romeo S59M (ex S52RU) asking me if I’m interested in the IO9Y project for the CQ WW SSB and CW 2014. I didn’t had other plans, so I accepted.
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Hurricane Gonzalo /IO9Y

Hurricane Gonzalo /IO9Y




It’s with a big sadness that we have to announce that our team, IO9Y, has lost most of the antennas after Hurricane Gonzalo effects applied on Mediterranean sea.

All damages happened during the night from October 22nd to 23rd.

We lost almost all antennas (both 4 squares, 160 vertical, yagis,…)
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PRESS RELEASE – IG9Y Lampedusa Contest Team 2014

859240_4278192523991_179635546_oThe IG9Y Lampedusa Contest Team will continue the fun of last year and enter in this years CQWW CW+SSB contests from the same northern location on the island of Lampedusa – ZONE 33 (African Italy) with two international M/M teams of about 30 operators in total using a new call sign: IO9Y. All info can be found on the IG9Y-LCT website

CU in the CQWW Contest

59(9) 33
Lampedusa Contest Team